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Five mobile app ideas that haven’t been made yet

Did you know that more than 5.4 million mobile applications are available out there? It is no doubt a fact that the technology world is going gaga over mobile apps. Name anything, and you will get a full-fledged application. But have you ever thought about mobile app ideas that have still not hit the digital space? If not, let us introduce you to some of them. 

But first, we must give a sneak peek of mobile apps and their significance to you: 

What is the significance of mobile apps in daily life?

Mobile apps offer smooth access to products and services. You can do anything with apps, from shopping, exercising, and dining to healthifying your body. Applications are a great tool for businesses, as they help with branding and advertising services. They assist in enhancing user interaction and also support customer retention rates. 

Why are mobile apps over desktop apps or websites beneficial for businesses?

Do you carry your laptop or system everywhere with you? Probably not. Also, you can forget anything but not carry your mobile. Right? It is why you must focus on mobile apps more than desktop ones. 

Mobile applications have more accessibility and reach. They are away from all the hassle of downloading the extension or searching for a successful app installment. You have to go directly to the App or Google Play store and download them in just a click. 

A study by AppMySite states that 85% of users prefer mobile apps over websites for shopping. Another conclusion of the same study states that application-based businesses gain 825% higher IPO than non-app-based businesses. These stats are pretty enough to prove why mobile apps are more beneficial for leveraging businesses. 

Let’s get offbeat and learn about a few innovative and fresh mobile app ideas.

All-in-One Social Media App

You will not believe us when we say that you cannot find any single application with all social apps. Social media is the new normal and has versatile applications. You have Instagram for pictures, Facebook to remember your friend’s birthday, WhatsApp to communicate, Snapchat to get stunning pictures, LinkedIn to add that professional tinge, and so on. These apps are linked to a knot of social channels, but still, you have to download them separately. All we can do is wait for a new mobile app in this area. Well, you can do one more thing; if you find this idea interesting, you can connect with us and begin an app development journey.

Payment Reminder App

We have a plethora of apps to make payments. From Paypal and Google Pay to Alipay, the list is pretty dynamic. But no app can timely remind you to pay your bills, loans, EMIs, SPIs, etc. We definitely need one such app to bring our mismanaged payment routine on track.  

NFT Real Estate Apps

NFT is the hottest topic of this digital age, but still, there exists no complete NFT real estate application. Yes, the transition to metaverse is real and virtual properties exist. You can now purchase authentic real estate properties and sell them to earn profits. But, there is scattered information on the internet about NFT real estate. Some apps will urge you to buy NFTs, while others will grab your attention with the latest blockchain trends. But still, we do not have one reliable app for NFT Real Estate; it’s sad but true. 

Food Donation App 

It’s 2 AM, and you are watching your favorite movie snuggled in a blanket. Suddenly, you craved some hot chocolate with a big bucket of popcorn. You take out your mobile, open the food delivery, and order some wholesome snacks. But what about the food you waste, people, hotels, parties, etc.? Don’t you think we must have an app where we can donate food and concerned members can deliver it to needy ones? This app idea is something we must work on.  

Brainstorming apps  

Brainstorming is a boon for leveraging concentration and consciousness. It helps us activate our conscience and be more creative. But do you know even after such hype of brainstorming and its benefits, we do not have a mobile app for it? We do have software and tools but not a proper app. Strange, right, but if you are thinking of creating an innovative app, thank us for the idea.

So far, we have discussed why apps are essential and how they make our tasks easy. But, we are yet to explore the most important question. That is where you can seek the best mobile app development services. Well, let’s resolve this dilemma too. You can explore reliable and reasonable application development assistance at Prodigitaly. We will explore the ‘why’ in the next section. 

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