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10 Powerful Real World Applications Of Augmented Reality

Taking a sneak into the present day scenario, the proliferating Augmented Reality arena can rightly be attributed to the companies devising solutions that allow the customers to feel and visualise the products and their actual efficiency.

Let’s grab a look at these 10 real world powerful applications of augmented reality:

Rolex and Sephora Visual Artist

Allowing customers to try on the very quintessential look, this app permits the customers to wear and try from diverse lip shades to eyeshadow and have a glimpse at how they will look in real life.


Augmented reality in healthcare industries has been known to deliver some implausible results. One such instance can be given of the Accuvein app, that scans the vein network of the body and gives results, of much significance towards treatment and surgeries.

Pokemon go App

When dawned on the century, the game created a different hustle on its launch. One of the most loved augmented reality games, Pokemon Go is a stupendous blend of graphics and technology and a well-drafted user interface.

Ikea place app

A yet another peerless fabrication, Ikea place application allows the user to not only visualise but also see in the pictorial form how a particular and peculiar home décor item will look in actual when placed on the intended space in the room.

ARKit by Apple

Boosting your inner creativity, the ARKit bestowed on us by Apple, allows the user to create their own personalised applications for iOS. The captured environment can have 3D animations, objects, characters and the developers have the full control over their innovation. The app developers can deploy high end, sophisticated technology and for AR experience on iPad and iPhones.

Gatwick airport passenger app

Running proficiently on iOS and Android systems, Gatwick Airport Passenger App has lately be entitled as "Mobile Innovation of the Year", by National Technology Awards, 2018. The application offers the users personalised flights updated and alarms, queue updated and intuitive navigators to guide them in and out of the airport. From bookings to great deals to finding your way to security advice, the application makes the entire travelling experience much ore relishing than usual.


One of the most powerful app, that has been in the race for over a decade, the Photoshop allows editing and addition and deductions in a photograph. This is one such application that can be cited as best and oldest for exemplifying the augmented reality devices since it has been in the run for years and almost every person is acquainted with what photoshop is and it does.

Dulux Visualiser

A yet another help for the interior designing, this application helps to see and decide which shade will suit the best on the room walls.

Teach Next

Augmented reality in education can literally do wonders by enhancing the retention power and inflating the understanding capacity of the human brains. Teach next system works on such interface that makes the human interaction with the technology livelier and realistic.


One of the ‘worth citing’ instance for the implementation of augmented reality in marketing sect, OLX has made selling and buying even more facile as people can have a glance at what exactly they are going to buy. For any dubiety, the facility of contacting the sellers is also made available.

Conclusively, augmented reality is the solution to a galore of complications taking off in the era of technology. When implemented with best manoeuvres, the augmented reality arena is no far being a panacea to the nascent industrialist as also for the grey firms that are gradually or are on the verge of fading.